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Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers is a Holiday program managed by Just Kids, Inc and involving many other volunteers from our community.  Over more than 30 years, we have been able to provide new clothing to thousands of children in need during the Christmas holidays.  Names of children in need are submitted to us by area school nurses and counselors from all Sierra Vista, Huachuca City, Palominas and Tombstone public schools.  Clothes are shopped for, wrapped and delivered directly to the parents in the home.  The children don’t know that these gifts came from Just Kids.  We provide clothing to approximately 800 children every year.

Sponsorships can be handled in one of two ways:  1) A benefactor may simply donate money to sponsor one or more children (or any dollar amount).  We allow $75 to $120 per child, depending on age.  Our shopping committee then uses your cash donation to purchase clothing.  OR…. 2) A benefactor does the shopping and wrapping (if you’d like) for your assigned child/children, then delivers the packages to us and we will deliver to the home.  Due to confidentiality and privacy considerations, all children remain anonymous.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please send an email to our address and include your name & phone number so that someone on the committee can contact you.  We begin shopping in mid-November, “wrapping day” is early in December, and deliveries will be made mid-December.  Delivery day information is provided to all participating families when they fill out the program paperwork.

Please consider helping with this wonderful, local holiday season project and encourage your friends to help too!

Pictures below show volunteers wrapping clothing, then sorting the children’s bags and finally getting ready to deliver all the wrapped clothing to families.

2023 Stocking Stuffers has kicked off, if you want to be a sponsor see information below:

                                                         STOCKING STUFFERS 2023

Dear Stocking Stuffer Sponsor,

Thank you for agreeing to sponsor one or more children for the Stocking Stuffer program!  Please continue to tell your friends about this wonderful program and ask them to call for information.  The enclosed sheet will provide information on your child/children.  This is all the information we have regarding their sizes, ages, and needs.  The parents may specify something in the Special Needs/Favorites section.  These are suggestions only and may be helpful to you in your selection of clothes.  Do not feel obligated to them and ignore them if they request a toy or name brand.  If something does not make sense to you, feel free to call me on the phone number circled below to help resolve any questions you may have.

In doing your shopping, we ask that you remember a few important points:


      • Stocking Stuffers provides NEW clothing for children.

      • We recommend a minimum of two full outfits:   2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, one pair of shoes, one package of socks to fit, and one package of underwear/diapers.  We ask that you spend approximately $75 to $120 for each child sponsored (varies by age and size of child).

      • You, of course, may provide more clothing, or accessories, but please be aware that we try to balance the amount of clothes each child gets, and don’t want their siblings to feel left out.  If you are considering providing more clothes, it may be more fruitful to sponsor an additional child or children.

      • Please – NO TOYS.  There are other organizations that have Christmas toy drives.

      • On the attached sheet, sizes will be noted as adult (A), child (C), or toddler (T).  You should be aware that a “Junior” size is noted as “Adult” (A) and will be an odd size from 1 through 15. 

      • Please leave all tags on the clothing items in case a size exchange is necessary.

      • Keep your own store receipts for your potential tax deductions (but consult your tax consultant).

    PLEASE NOTE these important points in turning in your clothing:


        • Each child is identified by a label containing the child’s identification number and child’s name.  We must have the child’s identification number so that we do not deliver clothing to the wrong family or child.

        • Your gifts may be dropped off wrapped or unwrapped. Place them in a white kitchen garbage bag. (Please DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE BAG WITH THE STORE NAME ON IT) and put the attached label with the child’s identification number and child’s name on the outside at the top ¼ of the bag.  It would be helpful to put a piece of tape over the label on the bag, so it doesn’t fall off when we take it for wrapping.

        • If you wrap the gifts, please put the child’s identification number and name on each wrapped gift and place the attached label on the outside at the top ¼ of the bag containing the child’s gifts.

        • Please do not include your name anywhere on the tags.

        • Your gifts may be dropped off at COCHISE COLLEGE DOWNTOWN CENTER, 2600 E. WILCOX DRIVE, SIERRA VISTA (see attached map and directions).



          • Deliveries to the families will be made on Saturday, December 23rd.

        On behalf of San Pedro Kiwanis/Just Kids, Inc.…. and especially on behalf of the children, thank you for your participation in the program this year.   Have a very Happy Holiday season.


        Shellie Cerecke             Elaine Norton               Alice Anderson             Jan Wardle

        520-678-0764               520-249-3907               520-249-6558               520-266-4759  

        Jirina (JR) Ramescu       Lolene Pacholke           Jody Klein

        267-516-5885               520-803-7267               520-559-3456                          

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